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YOMYOM CERAMIC By yossi malca

12/16 inch CERAMIC BAKING TRAY, Cooking Tray, Rustic Oven Tray, Unique Microwave Safe Pizza Serving Tray, Decorative Platter

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Do you like pizza? Why not make an excellent chef pizza in your home oven? This tray is a charm for pizza lovers!!

It is handmade ceramic, made from non-toxic materials, strong, and the result: an amazingly flavored pizza as if baked in a stone oven :)

I first made the tray as a serving platter, and it stayed in my house with great joy. I recently made pizza for my kids, and I thought, why not try baking the pizza in this tray?
Listen - this is a hit !!!!
The dough does not stick. Because the tray is made of clay that contains a drop, it retains heat and dissipates heat evenly so that the pizza comes out as if baked in a stone oven.
Flatten the dough on the tray, cut the leftovers with your finger on the edges, add sauce and cheese, and you have a chef's pizza in your home oven.

This tray is crazy; it is suitable for many uses - a cheese and vegetable platter, a pizza baking pan, and an elegant and unique serving dish for everything you choose.
I make them by hand from start to finish with extra love and care.

This rustic ceramic first dish plate is super unique. It creates the perfect elegant hospitality experience and gives the appearance of a luxury restaurant. A perfect gift you can offer to yourself, to your home, or to your loved ones.

Made of:
✤ Ceramic, 100% handmade.
✤ Hand-built using slab technique made of natural clay and food-safe lead-free glaze.
✤ Cover technique: White clay or Gray clay brushed by hand.
✤ Color: Shades of texture in Gray. Each piece is made by hand, and therefore, each piece is a little different! but you can choose between dark gray or light gray shades, as you can see in the pictures
✤ Thanks to the multi-step process, including two high-temperature kiln firing of 1220°, all products are durable and well-suited for any use.
✤ Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Product Details:
✤ The trays will be prepared especially for you from the moment you order! So if you need a different size, please contact me, and I will gladly make it for you.
✤ The tray is available in two sizes, Diameter:
- XL = 40cm / 15.7''
- L = 36cm / 14.1''
- M = 30cm / 11.8''
- You're welcome to choose at checkout.
✤ You're welcome to choose your favorite color: light gray or dark gray, during checkout.
✤ Unexpectedly lightweight!

Each piece is made by hand, and therefore, each piece is a little different, telling the story of creation and adding interest and depth to my designs.

� It can be re-created especially for you in a variety of colors. Contact me, and I will be happy to customize my design if possible.

My studio is located in an Israeli valley with breathtaking views and wild nature alongside the Jordanian border. My ceramic art was made to inspire a return to nature’s grace. My decorative pottery fuses contemporary with rustic scenes and abstract elements, reminding us that creating beauty is more than a gift; it’s our inner nature, and each soul is unique, just like my designs.

🎁 PACKAGING: Every item is very carefully packed in bubble wrap and boxes and does my best to be environmentally friendly.

📌 IMPORTANT INFO: As the pottery is handmade, there may be slight variations from the photos, so; please allow small differences in your purchase. I do my best to reflect my ceramics in the pictures as real as possible, but some color variations should be considered. Each piece is made by hand, and therefore, each piece is a little different, telling the story of creation and adding interest and depth to my designs.

MADE TO ORDER items usually take about 2-3 weeks to create. Some items in my shop are ready to ship.

ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES: Since international mail is affected by several circumstances, transit times, customs delays, and delivery times are beyond our control within 30 days from sending. We appreciate your understanding.

CUSTOMS AND DUTIES FEES: The customer must cover any customs or duties fees that may apply. Sellers cannot be held responsible for delays due to customs or issues with postal services.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help!
Thank you so much for choosing my handmade ceramics to be part of your life.
Yossi Malca,