YOMYOM ceramic

I want to make daily life more beautiful, transform hospitality into a true celebration, add value to household items, and allow artistic thought to flow through simple designs for the home and office, all through one of a kind artwork pieces.

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  • I believe

    Through the belief in the equality of all people, there is an understanding that happiness can be found in the small, simple everyday things.

    “Do good, as best and as much as you can, for as many people as possible…” ; This is my motto.

  • ceramic lightind for bedside. Decorative art by yossi malca for yomyomceramic


    one of a kind Artwork piecesArt collectors, curators and architects - we collaborate on projects that combine artistic thinking and functionality with pure design

  • YOMYOM Ceramic

    I have always felt that the world around us is much more beautiful than we think, and that's why I decided to create YomYom. I want to transform the hospitality industry by adding a touch of joy to everyday life, and make every day special in a way we've never experienced before