YOMYOM ceramic by Yossi Malca


Artistic Thinking - Functional Design

My name is Yossi, a multidisciplinary artist and designer. I create pottery and ceramics. Using unique techniques and craftsman work I create functional tableware and home décor pieces as well as contemporary ceramic art work. I play with clay like a child and discover complete freedom when creating.



contemporary fruit bawl - centerpiece bawl - rustic design
My approach to the clay is influenced by handcraft and fashion techniques, which I express through clay. I form my art from the narratives of life, my personal story, and general day-to-day life.
Following my parents’ passing, I decided to devote my life to creating with clay, which is the material closest to nature. I established the YomYom brand, which is committed to original design, incorporating a story behind each object created.

Porcelain Serving Bowl Set, Modern Ceramic appetizers



YomYom's mission is to make daily life more beautiful, to transform hospitality into a true celebration and to add value into household items by affording food its place of respect, honoring nature, and allowing artistic thought to flow through everyday designs for the home and office.
The brand’s design line is influenced by the endless sturdy beauty naturally found in the imperfection. It draws inspiration from nature and everyday life, combining artistic conceptual thinking with the consideration of functional design to achieve balance and perfection.
YomYom is a personal worldview, which extends beyond aesthetics and ceramics: through the belief in the equality of human beings wherever they are, the understanding that happiness can be found in the small, simple everyday things and gratefulness for what is.
YOMYOM is the foundation of a better world.

“Do good, as best and as much as you can, for as many people as possible…” ; This is my motto.

Yom is the initials for my name – Yossi Malca.
Small Condiment Bowls Set, Rustic Stoneware Bowls
In Hebrew, the word Yom means "Day"; A unit of time which, when multiplied, amounts to a lifetime. It is life itself; it is what takes place from the moment you wake up in the morning till the time you go to sleep at night. It is family, friends, children, and the endless stories of life.
It is what inspires me to design, which lights my spark to create.
In 2004 I graduated from the Department of Jewelry and Fashion at the Betzalel Academy of Arts and Design and specialized with the super-designer, Alexander McQueen, in London. After several years of working as a fashion and accessories designer, I discovered clay and was immediately captivated by its magic.
original art work - clay sculpted in fabric 2019
Over the years, my art has been displayed both in Israel and abroad.
Unique Pottery Fruit Bowl, Modern Ceramic Bowl
שמי יוסי, אמן ומעצב רב תחומי. אני יוצר כלי חרס וקרמיקה. בעזרת טכניקות ייחודיות אני יוצר כלי שולחן פונקציונליים ועבודות עיצוב ביתיות כמו גם עבודות אמנות קרמיות עכשוויות. אני משחק בחימר כמו ילד ומגלה חופש מוחלט בעת היצירה.
original artwork 2019
An optimistic swan" - personal artwork - 2018"